OLAPLEX what is it?

By hostaus

Olaplex is one of the biggest innovations in hair colour that we’ve seen in a long time. I’d even go as far to say that it’s the biggest technology launch I’ve seen in the hair industry in the last five years my hair felt so strong and soft, not wiry or fluffy like it usually does. Then I tried it in my colour and in a pre-wash treatment, which I left on for long time, at Figure Head. The results? Probably the shiniest and healthiest my hair has looked in over a decade.

Olaplex comes in three products and these can be used individually (you can still see a difference) or all together (basically the Rolls Royce for results).

The brand offers these descriptions and uses for each:
Olaplex No.1: Mix with highlights, balayage or high-lift colour.
Olaplex No.2: Apply after rinsing highlights or colour from hair which is what we do in the salon.
Olaplex No.3: Client’s take-home to strengthen hair further.

Celebrities have been raving about it (Sammi Jade is a fan), and many experts believe it’s the secret behind Kim Kardashian’s major white-blonde hair colour change in 2015 — the reason why her hair didn’t break off after such drastic colour processing. Without a doubt, it’s a very sophisticated technology and it’s revolutionising the way, and frequency, in which colourists colour hair. So we wanted to know more about it.

“It is important to remember that olaplaex is not a conditioning treatment, it is a pre- treatment, so you shampoo and condition after. In the salon it can be a stand alone treatment, you don’t have to have a colour service. But doing both makes your hair stronger, healthier and shinier by multiplying disulphide bonds on your hair.”

“Leave it in and sleep away, it makes a world of difference — just remember to shampoo and condition like normal in the morning.”


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